We’re in business to help business. That’s all we do.

For more than 190 years, Business Australia has stood by business owners – untying legal knots, boosting efficiency, advocating for better conditions and helping them grow. In a world wrapped in red tape, our members are free to focus on what they love doing, knowing we’re here to help with the rest.

Formerly the NSW Business Chamber, today we operate across the country. From major cities to country centres. From the smallest start-up to the largest corporation. 

Together with our advocacy arm, Business NSW, members are also part of a powerful network that stands up to government when business interests are overlooked.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve scaled our commercial services, recruitment, legal and apprenticeship divisions so that we now sit in the top 250 privately-owned businesses in Australia. And while much has changed since our founding, our history of helping organisations through thick and thin continues to this day.

With this growth, we’ve taken our next step: moving to a free membership model that offers ‘add-on’ services and products to businesses when they need. Here, we aim to increase our relevance to organisations beyond NSW – helping to strengthen our advocacy efforts and our ability to support businesses across Australia.

It costs nothing to join and any surplus we make goes back into delivering the very best services and support for our Members. Keep doing what inspires your passion while we help with everything else.

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