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Roadmaps for reopening Victoria: industry breakdown

On Sunday 6 September, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the state's roadmap out of lockdown and towards a COVIDSafe Victoria. Here we break down what it means for your business and when you can expect to reopen. 

In announcing the much-anticipated steps to easing the lockdown, the Premier revealed Melbourne would face another two weeks of stage 4 restrictions after September 13 2020, but with some modifications. Regional Victoria will begin easing restrictions after September 13 2020, which will see retail stores, childcare centres and hairdressers permitted to open. 

What does this mean for your business?

Metropolitan Melbourne

The roadmap out of lockdown for Melbourne is broken down into five steps. Each stage is heavily depended on whether the number or COVID-19 cases has dropped to a certain amount. It is based on the state recording a daily average of between 30 and 50 new cases by September 28 and fewer than five by late October.

The first step begins at 11.59pm on 13 September 2020 and is a continuation of stage 4 restrictions. This means industries such as professional services, hair and beauty salons, tourism operators, creative studios, outdoor entertainment venues and pubs and clubs will remain closed.  

These businesses will be ordered to remain closed until late November 2020. They will only be permitted to open with a COVIDSafe Plan if no new cases of COVID-19 are recorded.

For a full breakdown of the five steps and industry-specific timelines, download the Victorian Government’s metropolitan Melbourne roadmap to reopening.

Regional Victoria

The roadmap out of lockdown for regional Victoria includes four steps. As of 11.59pm on 13 September 2020, regional Victoria will enter the second step on the roadmap.

This will allow many industries to open in the area – strictly operating under a COVID-Safe plan. The industries permitted to open include construction, manufacturing, permitted retail, and childcare centres.

Restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs and tourism operators will remain closed in step two.  

The roadmap indicates regional Victoria would move to the third step once the area was recording fewer than five new cases a day on average and had recorded no cases with an unknown source in the previous fortnight.

For a full breakdown of the four steps and industry-specific timelines, download the Victorian Government's regional Victoria roadmap to reopening.  

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What is the business community saying?

The continued restrictions are a blow to small business in the state, with Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Paul Guerra saying: "This [roadmap] does not deliver for the thousands of businesses that are trying to keep this state going and trying to keep their doors open."

"We can't continue to let business and jobs be decimated on the way to controlling the spread of the virus. The virus numbers required to move from one phase to the next is so tight it's difficult to see how many businesses are going to be able to open up any time soon," he said.

Australian Hotels Association President, David Canny said hotels and pubs faced "going over a cliff" under the extension to Melbourne's stage 4 restrictions in the roadmap.

"Each pub has a limit of just how much debt it can take before decisions are made to close the business for good."

Visit the Victorian Government’s coronavirus roadmap to recovery resource for more information. For the latest Victorian business support and advice, visit our resource hub

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