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Your guide to small business grants in South Australia

A grant can be the big cash injection needed to launch your startup or provide the cash flow that rockets your enterprise to the next stage of business growth.

Here’s a guide to business grants in South Australia you can currently apply for.

SA small business grants

The SA government regularly offers a range of business grants for small-to-medium businesses across the state.

For example, the Economic and Business Growth Fund has allocated substantial sums towards development of local industries and attracting new investment. There is no minimum grant size, with funding targeted at nine ‘priority sectors’ including agriculture, food and wine, defence, tourism and space. You can find the funding guidelines here.

If you’re planning to export to overseas markets, the SA government offers grants for both first-timers and growing small and medium businesses through the SA Export Accelerator.

Outside metropolitan cities and suburbs, the Regional Growth Fund offers grants for businesses that help to bring jobs and services to regional communities. The aim is to help build economic resilience and encourage business with long-term transformative benefits for those regions.

SA grants for startups and innovators in South Australia

If you’re running an early-stage start-up, South Australia has several small business grants available that offer less downside risk than other startup financing options.

One such program is the SA Venture Capital Fund (SAVCF), which invests in innovative startups to accelerate their growth nationally and internationally. It provides a portion of the initial startup funding, with the rest needing to be matched by other funds or investors.

There is also the Research, Commercialisation and Startup Fund (RCSF), which provides entrepreneurs with funding to start and scale an innovative early-stage business.

To be eligible, your annual turnover must meet the selection criteria and your idea must have potential to scale to markets outside SA. It normally requires matched funding, but this was temporarily waived in 2020 for some businesses due to COVID-19.

Green business and sustainability grants

Green Industries SA offers a range of business grants to green and sustainable organisations in South Australia through its Circular Economy Business Support Program.

Small businesses that want to improve their productivity and efficient use of natural resources can apply for funding such as the Resource Efficiency and Productivity (REAP) grant. You can also apply for Valuing Business Waste grants, which are intended to help businesses avoid or reduce waste and improve their recycling.

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Re-employment incentive scheme

Although not strictly a grant program, the Re-employment Incentive Scheme for employers (RISE) program offers direct funding via Return to Work SA to businesses that provide meaningful and ongoing employment to people who have been injured at work. Employers receive a substantial subsidy of their gross wages for the first few weeks, followed by a smaller subsidy of wages for the following months.

COVID-19 grants

If your business suffered due to COVID-19, South Australia offered Small Business Grants of $10,000 to businesses with turnover above $75,000. The grant was extended to sole traders in November 2020. Click here for more information. 

For not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, the COVID-19 Support Grant is offering grants of up to $10,000 to NFPs which support vulnerable and disadvantaged communities through the pandemic. Provided through Grants SA, funding guidelines can be found here with applications closing 30 October 2020.

Looking for a grant for your business? Be sure to check the eligibility requirements and application criteria to put your business in the best possible position to win.

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