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Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA) is a comprehensive agreement that further integrates the Australian economy into this fast-growing Asian region. Here’s what MAFTA means for trade between the two countries.

The Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA) 

Malaysia is currently Australia’s ninth largest trading partner with two-way trade worth more than $25 billion in 2018-19. Since its introduction, MAFTA has opened even more avenues for Australian goods and services into the dynamic and fast-growing Malaysian market.

Thanks to MAFTA, 99% of Australian goods currently exported to Malaysia are now eligible for tariff-free treatment.

Some of the key outcomes on entry into force of the agreement include:

  • A liberalised licensing arrangement for liquid milk exporters, allowing access for higher value retail products.
  • Elimination of all tariffs on large cars and virtually all tariffs on automotive parts imported into Malaysia.
  • Elimination of virtually all tariffs on processed foods, plastics, chemicals and a range of manufactured products.
  • A guarantee for Australian exporters of wine to receive the best tariff treatment Malaysia gives any country.
  • Elimination of all tariffs on iron and steel.
  • Open access arrangements on rice from 2023 and all tariffs eliminated by 2026.

Australian investors are also guaranteed the right to majority ownership in companies in a wide range of sectors supplying services in Malaysia, including:

  • 100% ownership in higher education
  • 70% ownership in investment banking and direct insurance services
  • At least 70% ownership in all telecommunications services
  • 100%  ownership in accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services
  • 100% ownership in management consultant services (excluding financial management consulting)
  • 51% ownership in taxation services.

Source: DFAT

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