Promoting your business

Promoting your business: a 60 second pitch

You have countless opportunities to promote or pitch what your business does. 

The challenge is to organise your thoughts and know what you intend on saying and why. That’s where understanding how to pitch your business comes in handy. The purpose of making a pitch is threefold:

  • It informs customers about what you do.

  • It creates interest.

  • It entices people to know more.

Whether you’re trying to learn how to pitch to investors effectively to get funding, or sell your business to customers, you need one outstanding message that sticks. It’s a one-liner you can repeat several times in your presentation so that individuals listening will:

  • Hear it

  • Remember it

  • Repeat it

Whether you’re talking to one person or several hundred, when you write a business pitch the structure of your pitch needs to cover just four short points:

  • What you do

  • What problem you solve

  • How your product or service is different

  • Why they should care

The power of the spiel

First impressions are important. In the fast-paced world we live in, customers’ attention spans are stretched. The best business pitches aren’t just well-written. They’re delivered effectively.

Practice delivering your 60-second pitch, and remember:

  • Give your name, company and role.

  • Mention the people who buy your services – your target market – this helps the audience know your speech is relevant to them.

  • Talk about your business ideas, the results, benefits and what’s in it for your listener.

  • Consider making a simple offer.

  • If you are on stage, use your offer to end your 60-second spiel.

  • If you speak for less than 60 seconds ensure what you say is relevant.

  • Be calm and keep your spiel short and interesting.
  • Slow your speech down so that people hear what you’re saying.

  • Practice makes perfect. If necessary, write your pitch on a piece of paper.

Whether you’re trying to learn how to pitch to investors effectively, or sell your business to customers, you need one outstanding message that sticks.

Keep focused

A commanding message about your business’ product or service can often produce a sale, or help in attracting new investors.

There are many benefits to scripting a 60-second spiel:

  • It keeps you focused on essentials so you can communicate the most important information about your business even when time is short. It allows you to describe what you do clearly and quickly.

  • A well-prepared 60-second spiel keeps you from talking too much and getting carried away. If it’s a one-to-one communication, clearly communicating what you do in 60 seconds allows the person to respond and tell you about their business too.

  • When you’re networking, it gives other people a clear, succinct idea of what you do. It makes it easier for them to help you make connections.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of a 60-second spiel as a security blanket. When you’re in a room of unfamiliar faces, you can use your pitch to start conversations and find people that are interested in what you do.

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Jen Harwood

Motivational speaker, Business Coach

Jen Harwood is an award winning motivational speaker on the topics of Business Networking, Leadership, Standing your Ground in Tough Times and Building Great Teams. Jen is also well known for her tailored, one off keynotes that are unique, engaging and thought provoking for business audiences.

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