Energy volatility: is now the right time to buy?

10 June 2021

An energy transition is taking place – it's complex and uncertain. Knowing your energy contract gives you the power to make better decisions and save costs. 

Learn the impacts of the upcoming transformation on your business, in simple language. We identify the risks and options available to help you take control.

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Energy efficiency and carbon neutrality are important focuses for businesses. Have you considered a path to reduced carbon emissions? Our deep-dive into understanding the current and future energy markets includes examples of businesses getting it right and wrong. We'll be sharing how Business Australia can support you to make better-informed energy decisions by understanding what is important to your business.

During the session we explore: 

  • driving factors behind the massive energy volatility over the last 5 years and the implications on businesses moving forward
  • how to navigate volatile energy pricing
  • obligations and opportunities around contractual ties – how to renegotiate or exit
  • market trends and behaviours resulting from COVID-19 conditions
  • industry changes driven by renewable energy e.g. tariff reform 
Doug Payne

Doug Payne

Commercial Energy Director | Make it Cheaper

Doug leads MIC’s commercial energy business, and the team responsible for large commercial energy agreements, and partnerships with energy retailers and metering companies. Doug's passion and motivation for sustainable energy solutions is driven by the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry.

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