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2pm AEST, Wednesday 12 August 2020

Staying up to date and understanding JobKeeper is challenging.
Our expert panel will take your questions and discuss the changes resulting from the government's latest announcements. 

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Business Australia facilitates an insightful Q&A session with our colleagues at Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors discussing the latest changes and updates to the JobKeeper Payment Package to ensure you understand what it means for your business and your employees. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions unique to your business.

A transcript of this session will be available upon request. 

Iain Rennie

Managing Director - Corporate & Commercial | Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors

Iain is a corporate and commercial lawyer with over 30 years experience. He has been involved in a range of transactions and advised participants in a variety of industries, assisting local and international entities in their dealings with regulators, and with counterparties in commercial dealings.

Emily Slaytor

Senior Associate | Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors

Emily specialises in employment law for businesses and individuals and has acted for employers in a range of industries, including retail, education, real estate, manufacturing, insurance, social welfare organisations, the not-for-profit sector, and many types of medium enterprise businesses.

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