How smarter shipping can help grow your eCommerce business

22 July 2021

Shipping is critical to keeping online shoppers happy. It has become an integral part of the customer journey and the power of a 'bad delivery experience' will affect your future sales. 

Make better decisions for your business by understanding available shipping solutions. Learn how shipping can affect your sales and how to choose the right options for your business.

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73% of shoppers are willing to buy more for free and fast delivery*

 What happens during the shipping and delivery process greatly impacts the customer experience. Customers are driven to businesses that deliver their purchased goods with ease, have transparent communications and execute on-time delivery. With the boom in the eCommerce industry, there is a demand for more advanced shipping options promising faster and efficient delivery. Hear from Shippit's Co-founder, Rob Hango-Zada, as he unpacks the importance of delivery options and how to use them to your competitive advantage.


During the session we explore: 

  • how shipping can be a source of competitive advantage
  • the importance of delivery options
  • how consumer expectations for shipping have changed
  • how to effectively ship from your store
Rob Hangp-Zada

Rob Hango-Zada

Co-Founder and CEO | Shippit

Rob is the co-founder and joint CEO of APAC's fast-growing shipping platform Shippit. He brings a customer-centric approach to Australian retailing and has vast experience in converting customer insights and analytics into growth-driving strategies for retailers.

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