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Entrepreneurs' Programme

Advice and practical support for entrepreneurs to drive business growth and support bushfire affected businesses get back on track. 

Entrepreneurs Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme can get you from where you are to where you want to be. The Entrepreneurs’ Programme delivers advice and grants to enable high-potential businesses to strengthen, grow, innovate and commercialise nationally and globally. In addition to improving outcomes for clients, this benefits the broader economy, as well as regions, sectors and communities.

The Australian Government funded program employs a network of business experts to help Australian businesses to strengthen, grow, innovate and commercialise to boost jobs, profits, exports and resilience.

A new Strengthening Business service was announced on 11 March 2020 to support businesses to recover from the 2019-20 summer bushfire emergency. Strengthening Business supports businesses in fire-affected communities to rebuild, transform and adapt following the bushfire crisis and resulting changes in their local marketplace.

As an approved Industry Partner to the program, Business Australia can offer easy access to the best advice and networks to help eligible Australian businesses solve problems and take advantage of growth opportunities. Business Australia is the approved partner for customers in NSW and ACT.

When you join the program, you will receive practical advice and mentorship from a dedicated team of facilitators, who will work with you to help you achieve your business goals. Our facilitators can help guide you to be more competitive and productive, to grow your business, attract investors and commercialise your products or services, and work with the research sector to innovate and solve problems.    



When you join the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, you get real advice from someone who's walked in your shoes and understands business. They’ll give you the hard truths you need to make a difference and the edge to make you more successful. They will offer support to your business through the program’s unique services. They are specially designed to help you achieve your business vision, facilitated through expert advice and financial incentives.  Services available from the Business Australia team in NSW and ACT are as follows:

1. Growth Roadmap

Growth Roadmap helps you improve your business practices, become more competitive, and take advantage of growth opportunities.

2. High Growth Accelerator

High Growth Accelerator helps businesses who have a transformative growth opportunity. It will help you innovate, transform, and grow your business.

3. SMART Projects and Supply Chains

SMART Projects and Supply Chains provides access to strategic or high-value projects that are designed to increase the capability of Australian businesses.

4. Strengthening Business

Strengthening Business supports businesses in fire-affected communities to rebuild, transform and adapt following the bushfire crisis and resulting changes in their local marketplace.

Practical support for businesses includes:

  • Advice from people with relevant private sector experience
  • Co-funded grants to commercialise new products, processes and services
  • Funding to take advantage of growth opportunities
  • Connection and collaboration opportunities.


We will work with you and provide a tailored consultation report that is unique to your business. This will help you improve your capability, extend your network and take advantage of growth opportunities. Your business will then also have access to coaching and mentoring support to assist you throughout the growth journey. The programs complete services include;

Strengthening Business provides access to a network of experienced business facilitators who will help bushfire affected businesses in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria recover and re-establish themselves to be stronger and more resilient businesses in the future.

We can help your business by providing an analysis of your business, a growth plan and access to strategic and high-value opportunities. All are designed to help your business grow both in domestic and international markets.  

Innovation Connections assists businesses to understand their research needs, connect with the research sector and fund collaborative research projects. Knowledge gaps will be identified that are restricting your business’ growth. The outcome is a confidential report unique to your business that identifies growth opportunities and connects you to the expertise needed within the research sector. Innovation Connections consists of two stages: Innovation Connections Facilitation and Innovation Connections Grant. 

Incubator Support provides funding for incubators to assist start-ups to succeed in international markets. The Incubator Support initiative offers skilled facilitators who can assist potential applicants, particularly in regional areas, to access funding. 

Accelerating Commercialisation provides small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers with access to expert advice and funding to help get a novel product, process or service to market. 

Am I eligible?

For the Growth stream of Entrepreneurs' Programme, small and medium businesses are eligible if they have an annual turnover or operating expenditure within the current financial year, or one of the two previous financial years, within the following thresholds:

  • Between $1.5 million and $100 million, or 
  • Between $750,000 and $100 million for applicants from remote Australia or northern Australia

The business must also possess an Australian Company Number, are financially solvent, and operate in one or more of the identified Growth Sectors.

Each element has specific eligibility requirements. Please refer to them in full here. Strengthening business eligibility can be found here.

The Strengthening Business stream is focused on supporting businesses which have been directly or indirectly affected by the 2019/2020 Summer bushfires is specific Local Government Areas (LGAs). A full list and the eligibility requirements can be found here.

What are the Eligible Growth Sectors?

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Food and Agribusiness
  • Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services
  • Oil, Gas and Energy
  • Enabling technologies and services of the sectors listed above

In addition to the above, applicants for a business evaluation must be one or more of the following:

  • engaged in, or expanding their operations to be engaged in, interstate or overseas trade and commerce
  • a foreign corporation formed within Australia
  • a corporation for which trading or financial activities are a substantial or significant proportion of the corporation’s overall activities
  • a corporation or body formed under Commonwealth law.

Further eligibility criteria apply, please visit

What's the cost?

As an approved Delivery Partner to the Entrepreneurs' Programme, Business Australia can offer this service free of charge to eligible small and medium businesses in NSW and ACT for Growth and Strengthening Business.

Grow your business

Business Australia is one of seven Delivery Partners working with the Australian Government to deliver the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. We have 36 experience Facilitators to deliver program services to eligible businesses across NSW and ACT with a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise. Our facilitators are here to get to know your business on a personal level, and will provide you with targeted support to transform your business, become more competitive and productive, take advantage of digital technologies, realise export opportunities, and become more resilient into the future.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme helps strengthen and transform Australian businesses. The program’s unique services give eligible businesses access to expert advice that money can’t buy, and financial support through grants and incentives.

When you join the program, you will receive practical advice and mentorship from a dedicated team of facilitators, who will work together with you to help achieve your business’s vision. Our facilitators can help guide you to be more competitive and productive, attract investors and commercialise your products, and work with the research sector to develop innovative solutions.

If you are ready to transform your business, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and Business Australia can help you take the next step.

Find your local facilitator to help grow your business, click here.

Find your local facilitator to help rebuild your business following the summer bushfires, click here.  

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