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The twin COVID health and economic crises present significant challenges to most businesses' Pre-COVID business model. The need to reinvent your business has never been more pressing as now.  The question is how?

Join a series of short online workshops,  facilitated by Waterfield who are experts in helping businesses to reimagine themselves and take the necessary action to realise a new future.

First module free of charge for Business Australia members.


Workshop design

1 hour: Covering the principles of how to pivot your business for new revenue, walk through a case study of a company that successfully pivoted and what the benefits of going through the program will be for your business.

How to think about your business as a set of discrete assets and capabilities

How to combine and recombine your assets and capabilities to create novel solutions for existing and new customers

How to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), test and refine with real customers

How to find the right business and revenue model to take the new product or service to market using the Business Model Generator

What's the cost?

Your investment in the program will be $1,750 (plus GST) per company with a maximum of three people per company.

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