TAFTA Certificates of Origin

Exported goods to Thailand need to be accompanied by a TAFTA Certificate of Origin in order to gain the preferential tariff rates under the Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement.

The TAFTA Certificate of Origin can be used with goods exported into Thailand to reduce or eliminate tariff and duty rates on those goods. To obtain a TAFTA Certificate of Origin, you must first register as an exporter.

Only goods that originate in either Australia or Thailand enjoy preferential tariff rates. If products satisfy the relevant 'rule(s) of origin', businesses should obtain a Certificate of Origin to ensure that products receive the TAFTA preferential tariff rates.

Rules of origin are needed to provide objective criteria for determining whether or not goods are eligible for preferential rates of duty and to avoid transhipped goods from markets other than Australia or Thailand seeking to claim TAFTA preference.

For further information on TAFTA Rules of origin please refer DFAT website.

TAFTA Certificates of Origin are required to access the reduced tariff/duty rates on goods under the Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement.

To obtain TAFTA Certificates of Origin you must first be registered as a TAFTA exporter.

Australian Business Chamber is authorised to register exporters and issue TAFTA Certificates of Origin. Our service is available Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).

If you haven’t used Certificates of Origin before you will also need to complete the Exporter Information Form.

To register please contact: 
Email: exportdocs.cbd@businessaustralia.com
Tel: 1300 622 883


Australian exports must be registered under the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) and accompanied by a TAFTA Certificate of Origin in order to qualify for the preferential tariffs.

To become a registered TAFTA Exporter, you need to complete the Deed of Declaration and register your export goods. You will need to register in respect of the goods you intend exporting to Thailand under TAFTA.

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